development history
Enterprise development process
In 1997, Kangni plumbing equipment factory (renamed Kangyi before) was created in a small rental plant in Chumen
During 1997-2000, Kangni (renamed Kangyi ago) focus on domestic sales, and establish a office to provide sales and customer service in Shanghai
In 2000, Kangni (renamed Kangyi before)first time attend Canton Fair and transformation to do foreign trade
In 2001, Kangni was officially renamed Yuhuan KANGYI Sanitary Ware Co., so far, Kangyi has been built assembling, machining,and polishing workshop
In 2002, Kangyi first time to participate in the Italy MSE exhibition.
In 2003, Kangyi first time to participate in the German Frankfurt ISH exhibition. now that Kangyi rapid development of foreign trade
In 2004, KangYi establish a new plant  with 4500 square meters located in the industrial area of Qinggang.
In 2005, Kangyi set up a foundry workshop, and import gravity casting technology from Korea to became the second factory use gravity casting technology in Yuhuan, casting technology is far ahead in whole county.
In 2005, Kangyi output value reached 17 million USD dollar
In 2005, Kang Yi passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification
In 2005, KangYi successfully passed German DVGW certification  the most authoritative in Europe
In 2005, Kang Yi became the national plumbing, valve famous brand production (Procurement) sentinel enterprises.
In 2006, Kangyi become Chinese hardware and building materials export base (Yuhuan valve) base enterprises.
In 2006, Kang Yi became a member unit of Yuhuan County youth entrepreneur association
In 2007, Kangyi groundbreaking new factory of 40000 square meters, completed in March 2009 put into use.
In 2007-2009, kangyi  three consecutive years won the yuhuan county the port town of "top ten enterprises" title
In 2007-2009, kangyi  three consecutive years won the yuhuan county "top industrial enterprises"
In 2007-2014, kangyi eight consecutive years won the yuhuan county "top 20 export enterprise" title
In 2007, kangyi pass Taizhou municipal enterprise technology center certificate
In 2007, kangyi get  French ACS certification
In 2008, yuhuan kangyi sanitary ware co., LTD., officially changed its name to become zhejiang kang sanitary ware co., LTD., since uncovered the company develop a new chapter
In 2009, kangyi through certification CQC smoothly
In 2009, kangyi through Europe BSCI business social responsibility system certification
in 2009, kangyi became the patent demonstration enterprises
In 2009, kangyi became the Qinggang town of charity named enterprise
In 2009, kang establish VSA brand for domestic trade
In 2010, kangyi get "taizhou high and new technology enterprise"identified
In 2010, kangyi becomes the new and high technology research and development center in taizhou
In 2010, kangyi output value reached 33 million USD dollar
In 2010,Kangyi electroplating workshop was formally established, the same year automatic plating line to realize batch production, automatic electroplating technology county is ahead.
In 2011, kangyi become taizhou city independent innovation pilot enterprises
In 2011, kangyi, VSA brand ceramic tap was awarded "China famous brand product"
In 2012, kangyi, VSA  brand ceramic tap was awarded "famous brand sanitary ware", "environmental faucets"
In 2012, kangyi, VSA brand has won the honorary title of "taizhou famous brand product".
In 2012, kangyi becomes the import and export enterprises in taizhou association governing units.
In 2012, kangyi  establish spout workshop
In 2012-2014, kangyi  three consecutive years won the title of "ERON enterprise" title
2012-2014, Ying guopin general manager of three consecutive years won the "elite entrepreneurs" title
In 2014, kangyi output value reached 50 million USD dollar
In 2014, kangyi became the first through the new national standard "ceramic chip seal tap" "ceramic chip seal tap metal pollutant amount of precipitation" certification of sanitary ware enterprises
In 2014, kangyi became the CCCMC director unit
In 2014, kangyi become the deputy director of the unit of China building sanitary ceramics association
In 2014, kangyi becomes the level 3 safety education training demonstration enterprise in taizhou
In 2014, kangyi won the title "taizhou export famous brand enterprise"
In 2014, kangyi won the title of "export brand enterprises in zhejiang province"
In 2015, kangyi introduction low pressure casting equipment, low pressure casting technology is ahead in the city

In 2015, kangyiestablishzinc alloy workshop and injection molding workshop, at this point, kangyi already built in casting, machining, polishing, plating, assembly,spout and zinc alloy workshop,so that Kangyi has thewhole process production ability for faucets